Telltale Episode 11 - Expert Panel: Organic v Paid Social Media

July 4, 2017

In this episode of Telltale, four Brisbane social media experts delve into the organic versus paid social media landscape.

Tyson Cobb of BusinessDEPOT, Florent Le Mens of CQUniversity, Nicole Jensen of Nicole Jensen Social Media and Brittanie Dreghorn of The Content Division wax lyrical on the "death"of organic engagement on social media, how to best use your budget on targeted social media ads, what you should never spend your money on in social media land and much more.


Episode 10 - Angela Hirst of Wandering Cooks

June 28, 2017

In this episode of Telltale, Angela Hirst, the founder of food startup entrepreneur space Wandering Cooks, discusses how her drive to be a part of the food industry led to what is now the biggest food innovation space of its kind in the world.

When you wander into Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane, it's like being transported into a foodie heaven. A wide open outdoor event space is lined by beautiful wooden tables and a living, breathing green wall draws you in to a funky indoor bar area that screams sit down with friends and have a quiet one.

But it's off to the side, in Wandering Cooks' commercial kitchen spaces, that Angela says the real magic happens.

Ninety-eight businesses from bakers, catering operators through to health food entrepreneurs and cupcake makers call the commercial kitchen spaces their home, buoyed by the fact the huge startup costs that usually hinder food businesses before they begin do not apply.


Episode 9 - Nic and Lucas of Orange Sky Laundry

June 20, 2017

A few years ago Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, the co-founders of social enterprise Orange Sky Laundry, rigged up a van they named Suddsy with a few washing machines and went about washing and drying the clothes of Brisbane's homeless people.

A few exploding washing machines, technical issues and a whole heap of man hours later, Orange Sky Laundry now has more than 80 volunteers in 12 vans that visit 122 locations across Australia each week. And the idea is spreading globally.


Episode 8 - Ashton Rigg of Youfoodz

June 14, 2017

In this episode of Telltale, content and PR manager at Youfoodz Ashton Rigg discusses how the business has grown so incredibly fast and maintained an awesome brand, social media presence and voice to not just create customers, but Youfoodz fans. 

Youfoodz's key differentiator is that their food is delivered fresh, not frozen, and they don't consider themselves a diet food program. Rather Youfoodz embraces #foodporn and social media to portray their products as almost luxurious but without a luxury price tag.


Episode 7 - John Knight of BusinessDEPOT

June 5, 2017

In this week's episode of the Telltale podcast, the co-founder and managing director of BusinessDEPOT, John Knight, discusses how his firm has put adding value and helping customers at the centre of everything they do, and how it has sprouted a business that was named Diversified Firm of the Year at the 2017 Australian Accounting Awards.

Diversified is an appropriate term for BusinessDEPOT. The company, based in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, has a pretty damn funky co-working space and a business collective that provides support and inspires entrepreneurs to think differently about business. It also has an incredible brand story and content marketing strategy that traverses the digital and physical world.


Episode 6 - Holly Tattersall of Women in Digital and Digital Talent Co

May 31, 2017

In this episode of Telltale we speak to Holly Tattersall, the founder and chief executive of Women in Digital and Digital Talent Co.

The multi-award-winning entrepreneur and business owner delves into the story of how her thought leadership and mentoring event Women In Digital was the catalyst behind her talent recruitment business Digital Talent Co. 


Episode 5 - Anna Rooke of QUT Creative Enterprise Australia

May 23, 2017

In this episode of Telltale, the CEO of QUT Creative Enterprise Australia Anna Rooke delves into why QUTCEA's partners and content are so focused on providing added value to creative industry startups, and how its live events, in particular Creative3 Brisbane, unleash the unique stories and fascinating people behind companies doing big things in the space.


Episode 4 - James Grugeon of The Good Beer Co

May 17, 2017

In a world soaked with businesses "leveraging" causes, James Grugeon reckons the key is to be the cause. Let's discuss - over a beer. In this episode of Telltale, James Grugeon, the solo founder of craft brewer The Good Beer Co, astutely and acutely dissects how his beer exists purely to do good, make change and start conversations about conservation. But this isn't purely a tale of altruism and fuzziness - James knows the discussions around charity can be heated and easily ignored. That's where Great Barrier Beer comes in, a beer developed with business and charity partners that has sparked a conversation nationally and globally.


Episode 3 - Chris Titley of Morgans 40 Under 40

May 10, 2017

On Telltale, Chris explains how the stories uncovered on Morgans 40 Under 40 has been able to connect him and his clients with the true characters behind different businesses. Investing in startup companies is not just a numbers game, Chris says, and it's often the dedication, passion and the compelling story behind a startup that gets it over the line from a venture capital perspective.

Chris also discusses how his own taste for content marketing, in this case podcasting, has increased with the ongoing success of his Morgans 40 under 40 show. Chris no longer needs to invite people on to his show, and instead has a steady stream of guests lining up wanting to discuss their stories of startup hits, misses, failures and successes.


Episode 2 - Josh Cobb of Stepps

May 2, 2017

Real estate agents are among the least trusted professionals on the planet (according to Roy Morgan), so how can content and storytelling save the reputation of those property people willing to do their marketing differently? In this episode of Telltale, Josh Cobb, the chief executive of digital marketing company Stepps, says it's all about authority, storytelling and creating a community.