Episode 17 - Louisa Dahl of Interactive Minds

August 15, 2017

You are the sum of the people who surround you, or so the saying goes, and it's as true in your personal life as it is in your business life. And there's nothing quite like live events to create a spark, a special connection that educates you, entertains you and redefines your philosophies on a much deeper level than a blog, an ad or even a podcast can manage.

In this episode of the Telltale podcast, the founder and CEO of Interactive Minds, Louisa Dahl, talks about how marketers and small businesses can use events to provide huge value for audiences and how to put them along the path to converting into a client, or even a connection.

Louisa discusses how Interactive Minds came to fruition, how the events grew from small gatherings in Brisbane to large congregations of digital marketers across several capital cities, and how topic-driven, educational content led to the digital marketing behemoth that is the Interactive Minds Digital Summit. She also delves into how data is driving decision making on a deeper level across marketing disciplines, and how businesses considering events can leverage it to make the right decisions about format, content and the numerous other factors that make a cracking live event. 


Episode 16 - Victoria Harrison of The Exposure Co

August 9, 2017

Yes, influencer marketing seems to be the buzzword du jour but the tactic is as old as the hills and thanks to social media is now bigger than ever. And Victoria Harrison, co-founder of influencer marketing agency The Exposure Co, is helping brands capture the eyeballs and hearts of social media audiences.

In this episode of Telltale, Victoria Harrison discusses why influencer marketing has come back in a big way thanks to some extremely talented content creators building highly engaged audiences, and opening them up to help brands drive positive and meaningful engagement that drive results across the whole marketing funnel.

Victoria talks about why brands need to start with strategy if they have any hope of getting a positive result out of their influencer marketing program, and how that boils down to objectives, audience and engaging the right influencer. We also delve into why companies that take the influencer marketing path need to trust the people they partner with to present and create content in the most most effective way so as to not damage their brand, their reputation or turn off their audience.


Episode 15 - Ben Southall, Queensland’s adventurer-in-residence

August 1, 2017

For many of us, venturing out of our comfort zones can be nerve-racking, anxiety-inducing stuff. For Ben Southall it's just another day at the office.  

In this week's episode of the Telltale podcast we talk to Queensland's Adventurer-in-Residence (how's that for a job title?), Ben Southall.

You may recognise Ben from that other incredible career, when Tourism Queensland secured his services for the Best Job in the World in 2009. Ben acted as an ambassador and caretaker of the islands along the Great Barrier Reef for a year. What a tough gig.

But Ben's adventurous spirit and a sense that every day should test your curiosity as a human being in a vast, diverse world made him an intrepid globetrotter well before he was selected to lead one of the greatest game-changing tourism marketing campaigns of all time.


Episode 14 - Mark Sowerby, Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

July 25, 2017

"Having a 'no dickhead' policy is hard to do because they're not always that obvious," says Mark Sowerby, Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur. But having one builds culture, and that's what today's podcast is all about.

In this episode of Telltale, Mark Sowerby, the founder and former managing director of Blue Sky Alternative Investments, and Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur, discusses how he and his team at Blue Sky built an enviable culture and, with it, a fund management firm with $3 billion under its watchful eye.


Episode 13 - Will Stubbs of Spur Labs

July 18, 2017

They're rabble rousers who put men's mental health at the centre of their exceptionally planned campaigns, so how has brand voice and digital marketing channels helped Spur Projects change the lives of so many?

In this episode of the Telltale Podcast, Will Stubbs discusses how after five years of running men's mental health campaigns through the charity he co-founded, Spur Projects, he and his team are taking it to the next level through the launch of Spur Labs, an agency that designs campaigns for individuals and enterprises that want to create real social impact.


Telltale Episode 12: Eric Phu of Citizen Wolf

July 11, 2017

When you pull on a Citizen Wolf T-shirt, odds are it will be the most comfortable, best-fitting piece of casual fashion you'll ever own. Oh, it's also helping to save the world.

Shamefully, fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet - and most of us are guilty of feeding the beast. But Citizen Wolf is looking to change that. In this episode of Telltale we speak with the co-founder of sustainable fashion brand Citizen WolfEric Phu. The casual clothing brand makes custom, tailored, handmade outfits for its customers but also focuses on creating a sustainable business with a low environmental impact.

But it didn't start that way.

Eric explains that the problem Citizen Wolf aimed to solve was customising and tailoring clothing to ensure a proper fit and a long-lasting, high-quality garment. It just happened to be a byproduct, he says, that the brand's process focused on doing so sustainably. But it's an important point of difference.


Telltale Episode 11 - Expert Panel: Organic v Paid Social Media

July 4, 2017

In this episode of Telltale, four Brisbane social media experts delve into the organic versus paid social media landscape.

Tyson Cobb of BusinessDEPOT, Florent Le Mens of CQUniversity, Nicole Jensen of Nicole Jensen Social Media and Brittanie Dreghorn of The Content Division wax lyrical on the "death"of organic engagement on social media, how to best use your budget on targeted social media ads, what you should never spend your money on in social media land and much more.


Episode 10 - Angela Hirst of Wandering Cooks

June 28, 2017

In this episode of Telltale, Angela Hirst, the founder of food startup entrepreneur space Wandering Cooks, discusses how her drive to be a part of the food industry led to what is now the biggest food innovation space of its kind in the world.

When you wander into Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane, it's like being transported into a foodie heaven. A wide open outdoor event space is lined by beautiful wooden tables and a living, breathing green wall draws you in to a funky indoor bar area that screams sit down with friends and have a quiet one.

But it's off to the side, in Wandering Cooks' commercial kitchen spaces, that Angela says the real magic happens.

Ninety-eight businesses from bakers, catering operators through to health food entrepreneurs and cupcake makers call the commercial kitchen spaces their home, buoyed by the fact the huge startup costs that usually hinder food businesses before they begin do not apply.


Episode 9 - Nic and Lucas of Orange Sky Laundry

June 20, 2017

A few years ago Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, the co-founders of social enterprise Orange Sky Laundry, rigged up a van they named Suddsy with a few washing machines and went about washing and drying the clothes of Brisbane's homeless people.

A few exploding washing machines, technical issues and a whole heap of man hours later, Orange Sky Laundry now has more than 80 volunteers in 12 vans that visit 122 locations across Australia each week. And the idea is spreading globally.


Episode 8 - Ashton Rigg of Youfoodz

June 14, 2017

In this episode of Telltale, content and PR manager at Youfoodz Ashton Rigg discusses how the business has grown so incredibly fast and maintained an awesome brand, social media presence and voice to not just create customers, but Youfoodz fans. 

Youfoodz's key differentiator is that their food is delivered fresh, not frozen, and they don't consider themselves a diet food program. Rather Youfoodz embraces #foodporn and social media to portray their products as almost luxurious but without a luxury price tag.