The Telltale Podcast

Episode 19 - Edda Hamar of Undress Runways and Undress

August 29, 2017

Deciding to pivot your product can be a difficult decision but once you do, embracing the change can deliver on your business plans. It's something Edda Hamar knows well.

On today’s episode of the Telltale podcast Edda Hamar, the founder of Undress Runways and clothes renting platform Undress, talks about how to build an audience, how sustainability can be a byproduct of great business ideas and about knowing when to pivot. In Edda's case, it was pivoting - or adding to - her business with a scaleable platform that leverages a niche audience.

Edda discusses how she built an audience for her sustainable fashion show Undress Runways and how she has been able to leverage that audience (or not leverage them) in her clothes lending platform Undress.